Jamiesons of Shetland Spindrift Yarn


This yarn is traditionally used for Fair Isle. It is a heritage product sourced by Jamiesons of Shetland from the crofters on Shetland. In addition it is shorn, dyed and spun on Shetland too. This beautiful yarn supports the way of life.

Each ball is 25g (but a little goes a long way!)/ 105m. 4ply 100% Shetland Wool.

Guage: 10cm/4in = 30 sts and 32 rows using 3.25mm/U.S. size 3 needles

hand wash or dry clean, dry flat, do not tumble dry.

It knits and crochets beautifully, blocks well and I find best of all is not only easy to weave in the ends but gets softer on finishing and with use and wear.

I love this yarn!



Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

white/304, oyster/290, salmon/301, sunset/186, paprika/261, flame/271, sunglow/185, pumpkin/470, ginger/462, poppy/524, scarlet/500, crimson/525, madder/587, rust/578, nutmeg/1200, cinnamon/576, spice/526, chestnut/577, copper/879, peat/198, thistledown/237, fog/272, osprey/238, grouse/235, birch/252, mocha/890, cashew/342, camel/141, wren/246, tundra/190, burnt umber/1190, burnt ochre/423, yellow ochre/230, scotch broom/1160, gold/289, buttermilk/179, buttercup/182, cornfield/410, mimosa/400, lemon/350, chartreuse/365, granny smith/1140, pistachio/791, marjoram/789, lichen/1130, thyme/226, artichoke/319, seaweed/253, autumn/998, bracken/231, moss/147, ivy/815, laurel/329, moorgrass/286, turf/144, conifer/336, tartan/800, pine forest/292, pine/234, fern/249, leaf/788, leprechaun/259, lime/780, celtic/790, jade/787, spruce/805, verdigris/772, mint/770, dewdrop/720, green mist/274, eucalyptus/794, sage/766, storm/243, rosewood/236, slate/125, steel/320, dove/630, stonehenge/640, stonewash/677, yell blue sound/240, blue love/232, peacock/258, nighthawk/1020, surf/135, caspian/760, sapphire/676, petrol/750, lunar/680, lagoon/660, cloud/764, eggshell/768, highland mist/1390, lomond/322, atlantic/150, mirage/722, blue danube/134, teviot/136, delph/685, cobalt/684, gentian/710, neptune/162, fjord/170, twilight/175, mist/180, lilac/620, hyacinth/615, purple/610, parma/628, lupin/629, violet/600, anemone/616, lavender/617, wild violet/153, orchid/547, pot-pourri/603, cyclamen/562, clover/596, purple haze/1270, jupiter/633, loganberry/1290, purple heather/239, bramble/155, foxglove/273, damask/567, old rose/556, rouge/563, mantilla/517, cherry/580, plum/585, fuschia/530, lipstick/575, sorbet/570, rose/550, dog rose/268, shetland black/101, shaela/102, natural white/104, eesit/105, Ivory/343, sand/183, sunrise/187, moorland/195, rye/140, earth/227, olive/825, tan green/241, old gold/429, spagnum/233, willow/769, pebble/127, titanic/151, splash/757, Sky/130, Pacific/763, Clyde blue/168, Royal/700, cosmos/1340, mulberry/598, dusk/165, cardinal/323, sherbet/188, sholmit/103, mooskit/106, mogit/107, moorit/108, black/shaela/109, sholmit/White/113, mooskit/shaela/115, moorit/shaela/118, mooskit/sholmit/119, moogit/eesit/121, maroon/595, sea bright/1010, mermaid/688, granite/122, apricot/435, tangerine/308, daffodil/390, blueberry/294, mirry dancers/1400, aqua/929, peony/581, port wine/293, eclipse/707, zodiac/599, bluebell/665, coral/540, peach/440, blossom/555, oxford blue/123, prussian blue/726, rosemary/821

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